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United Netherlands aMUNli Association
The aMUNli organization aims to keep the “UNL spirit” alive with its members. Each delegation was composed a unique mix of talented, ambitious and motivated students uniting diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Once the UNMD was over however, these talented, ambitious and motivated students did stop being themselves – they continued their personal and professional development in their own way. To all sectors of the economy, to many different countries.

Many aMUNli have occasionally longed back to those special months of the UNMD. The intense cooperation with ambitious people from many fields, the focus on personal development and giving and receiving feedback, creating win/win situations and solving the world’s problems.

The aMUNli organization is unfortunately not able to recreate that exact environment. It can however play an active role in keeping the UNL spirit alive among the numerous alumni. With 10 delegations already in the network, there is a great network of talented, ambitious and motivated students and (young) professionals with a shared background.

To that extent, the aMUNli organization organizes several events per year, maintains this website, integrates new delegations into the network and sends occasional newsletters about aMUNli events and the accomplishments of alumni.
Monthly Newsletter
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